Andreja Jernejčič

Andreja Jernejčič is the managing director of the communications and training company Lin&Nil with its own brand “Andreja”.


She has PR references from working with 200 major companies, like Skaza, Citypark, SES, IBM, ECE, Klinika Svjetlost, GoOpti, Rimske terme, Sperbank, JP Komunala Brežice, the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, to list just a few. She also leads crisis communication in various bigger and smaller companies. Among others, she has established a working relationship with the successful businesswoman from Dubai, Thoraya Al Awadhi. 

“I am transforming already several years problems into challenges. Problems are in fact challenges which are making me stronger. I learn from every new work environment, which is enriching me."

She lectures at workshops in over 300 companies, both in Slovenia and abroad. These include the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS), Eles, NLB, Post of Slovenia, Messer Slovenia, etc. She organises and lectures at communication workshops, PR courses, workshops on personal PR, public speaking and curing stage fright, internal communication, event organising workshops at home and abroad. She is a guest lecturer at international business schools and various other faculties.

Andreja Jernejčič is the author of more than one hundred academic articles on PR, communication and public speaking, all published in an array of different media. She also plays the role of commentator on the TV talk show VV faktor on TV3, where she tackles various current daily topics.

We can also see her in the role of TV host in her monthly talk show Zajtrk PR’Andreji on the Vaš kanal, a central regional TV channel in Slovenia, where she hosts a number of famous guests from various fields.

She possesses the unique combination of management experience, PR skills and journalism and has extensive experience in working in all three fields. She derives her management experience from her work as a member of the executive board of Infonet Media, as the director of communications for IBM South East Europe and as a Vice President of the Slovenia Steel Industry (SIJ). In PR, she acquired her experience when working as the PR representative of the Slovenian Minister of Defence during the period when Slovenia was in the process of joining NATO.

15 years earlier she worked as a journalist and later editor in radio and TV at Radio Slovenija (News and Val 202 radio station), TV Slovenija, Pop TV, Dnevnik, Finance an Dolenjski list newspapers, Studio D radio station and TV Vaš kanal Novo mesto.

She is the author of two sold-out books: “How to Co-operate with the Media” – a useful handbook for anyone, and “The Secrets of Public Speaking”.

Andreja holds a Master’s Degree in communications and two Bachelor Degrees – one in journalism and the other in cultural sciences.

Andreja Jernejčič is an active mentor in several organisations, including the Manager Association, ABC Accelerator and CEED. She is also a member of several associations, among others in the Management Board of the women's section of the Managers' Association. She was also the first chairwoman of the Life Learning Academia (Učeče se organizacije) (2014-2016).

She says she enjoys her work and is fully dedicated to her profession, just like to all other things in her diversity-filled life. She is a person with an inexhaustible creative energy, rich knowledge, and attractive and sensuous public performances. She is an exceptional rhetorician, who by sharing her knowledge and experiences charms and amazes her audiences time and time again.


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She is giving speaches, writing and leading workshops about communications, PR, public speaches, digital communication, secrets of successful presentations and event management.